Watershed GIS Project

The Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) in partnership with the Sustainable Communities Initiative Fund, PFRA and Manitoba Water Stewardship have become involved in a GIS mapping project within their District.

Through this project the SRRCD would like to expand the Role of Geographical Information System (GIS) within the district by collecting new information for use in the GIS database.

GIS data collected for the project includes: culvert locations, elevations, and condition assessment. The data will be organized within the SRRCD’s GIS where it will be used to assist with alleviating water issues where possible.

Land use, soils, and residences data, and Ikonos Imagery has also been obtained and will be utilized to help assess the suitability and feasibilty of certain project sites.  Surface water quality testing that has been undertaken by the SRRCD, and the results of these tests will also be incorporated.

The SRRCD hopes that this project will provide benefit and assistance to: Municipal public works, Municipal fire departments, RCMP, Environmental and Wildlife organizations, Manitoba Conservation, Government of Canada, Manitoba Agriculture and Food, and all District residents.

The SRRCD sees the use of GIS technology as an integral part of its’ business and would like to share its’ experience and knowledge with new partners.  Since the SRRCD long term vision includes expansion to involve all of the muncipalities within the Seine River and Rat River watersheds, the SRRCD hopes to continually improve and expand upon the utilization of their Geographic Information System towards providing watershed health improvements to the benefit of all District residents.