Roseau River Watershed

The Seine-Rat River Conservation District Welcomes the residents of the Roseau River Watershed to our district!  Please contact our office if you are interested in any of our programs. The SRRCD has completed its well water inventory in the Roseau River Watershed.



Dorthea Gregoire is our new Roseau River Watershed Tech. She’s based out of our Vita location (RM of Stuartburn building at 108 Main St N) and would love to hear from you. Give her a shout at 204-425-7877 or email




We’ve been collecting water quality data along the Roseau River as well as along Pine Creek, Sprague Creek and the Jordan River. All of our data is posted on South Central Eco Institute’s website. Follow this link to see our results. Simply navigate to our watershed (Roseau River Watershed) and select one of our sites to visit.

Information on the Roseau River Watershed

Proposal – Seine-Rat River CD Expansion into Roseau River (PDF)

Roseau River Watershed Plan (RRWP) (PDF)

Roseau River Water Quality Report 1997 (PDF)

RRWP Resource Inventory (PDF)

Maps of the Roseau River Watershed and its natural resources

RRWP Management Units

RRWP Administrative Areas: Counties and Rural Municipalities

RRWP Forest Management Boundaries
RRWP Forest Resource Inventory
RRWP Forest Access Roads
RRWP Timber Depletion, Timber Sales

RRWP Land Use/ Land Cover
RRWP Mineral Resource Activity
RRWP Soil Types

RRWP Hydrologic Stations
RRWP Sand and Gravel Aquifers
RRWP Bedrock Aquifers

RRWP Observation Wells

RRWP Sandilands Glaciofluvial Complex