Willow and Tree Planting


Tree/Shrub Planting



Shorelines are held together by a diversity of plants with strong, deep root systems. Especially important, are woody shrubs whose root systems can be expansive and tend to hold large areas of soil together.  These plants can also slow the flow of water in a waterway through friction.  Well vegetated riparian areas tend to be deep and narrow due to the binding nature of the plant’s root systems.  When vegetation is removed, the streams become shallow and wide. This can lower the water table, causing the area to become less productive.  Another benefit to a healthy riparian area is enhanced water quality.  Nutrients are used by the plants, which also trap sediment that is in turn incorporated into the stream bank.

The SRRCD has developed the following projects to promote riparian vegetation improvement:

  • Willow Planting – to increase bank stability
  • Under-story Planting – to replenish mature stands with young trees
  • Tree Buffer Establishment – for areas where trees are not present, or have been removed

For the willow and under-story plantings, the SRRCD will provide stakes/seedlings and conduct the planting along the designated river bank covering 100% of the cost.  The funding available from the SRRCD for the tree buffer establishment is 75% of total project costs, up to a maximum contribution of $1000.

Tree Planting Application*

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