Well Water Testing

RM Private Well Water Testing Days 2017

The SEINE-RAT RIVER CONSERVATION DISTRICT will be assisting residents with private well water testing for the presence of E.coli and Coliform bacteria. The cost of private well water testing is $21.26, including taxes, per sample. Payment may be submitted by cash or cheque ONLY, with cheques made payable to Horizon Lab Ltd.

Water bottles & application forms can be picked up in advance at your participating RM office. Samples must be taken on the same day as the drop-off and submitted at your participating RM office prior to 10:00 am along with your completed application and chain of custody forms.

RM Private Well Water Testing Days will take place on:

Thursday May 25

Thursday June 29

Drop-off locations:

SRRCD office, 123 Simard St. – La Broquerie
RM of Ste. Anne office, 395 Traverse Road – Ste. Anne
RM of Hanover office, 28 Westland Dr. – Steinbach
RM of DeSalaberry office, 466 Sabourin St. – St. Pierre-Jolys
Town of Niverville office, 86 Main St. – Niverville
RM of Taché office, 1294 Dawson Rd. – Lorette
RM of Ritchot office, 352 Main Street – St. Adolphe
SRRCD office, RM of Stuartburn, 108 Main Street N – Vita
RM of Franklin office, 115 Waddell Ave. East—Dominion City
RM of Piney office, 6092 Boundary St. – Vassar

Contact the SRRCD for more information