Foubert Water Retention

Organic grain producer, Wayne Foubert, approached the Seine-Rat River Conversation District in 2010 with the hopes of using a natural wetland area on his property to reduce peak flows on Fish Creek, which runs diagonally through his cropland before meeting up with the Seine River near Dufresne, Manitoba.

The Wayne Foubert Water Retention project began to take shape just as a new source of Provincial funding was announced in partnership from the departments of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and Manitoba Conservation & Water Stewardship. The Foubert Water Retention Project was now identified as an ideal location for detaining water in an existing natural wetland area and with the funding in place, the construction commenced. The completed retention area is 4.7 Hectares with a holding capacity of approximately acre/ft of water with a passive outlet structure. This will assist with peak flow reduction on Fish creek during high water events in spring and summer.

In regards to water quality, the Fish Creek is a tributary to the Seine River, which maintains one of the higher discharges of nutrients into the Red River. With this in mind, the SRRCD has chosen to monitor the water quality changes before and after the project was constructed with the hopes of implementing any necessary modifications to reduce the maximum amount of nutrients in the waterway. Wayne hopes that by maximizing the benefits of his water retention project other producers will catch the wave and become a leader in their own community.


  • Reduce risk of flood damages for people, property and the environment in the main stem floodplain and in tributary waters
  • Improve stakeholder participation and awareness of land and water resources
  • Maintain, protect and restore surface and ground water quality in the Red River Basin
  • Manage urban and agricultural drainage systems to enhance productivity, while minimizing impacts to others

Project Proponents:

  • Seine-Rat River Conservation District
  • Wayne Foubert
  • Manitoba Conservation & Water Stewardship
  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development