De salaberry Crown Lands Water Retention

DeSalaberryLocated 2 miles east of Provincial HWY 216 (south of Grunthal) on road 19 N De Salaberry crown lands retention project was designed to control peak flows from upstream wetlands allowing only a controlled flow of water to leave the area. Prior to the construction of this project, there were problems with flooding and erosion as the water travelled downstream towards St Malo Lake. The retention area now has the capacity to hold 376 acre feet of water (meaning it has a storage capacity equivalent to covering 376 acres with water one foot deep). A 600 mm culvert was installed along the dike to allow water to leave the retention area in a controlled manner. When the retention area is at full capacity, it will take 16 days for the water to draw down to normal levels. A 20 m emergency spillway was also built into the dike to protect against excessively high precipitation and potential culvert blockages.

This project is the largest water retention project that the SRRCD has completed.

Project partners include local landowner David Weins along with the RM of De Salaberry who contributed to construction costs.