Heese Riparian Enhancement

For dairy farmer Eric Heese, farming directly on the Joubert Creek was once a blessing to his father’s farm. This blessing was turning problematic for Eric as the new regulations that came into action for protecting water sources from livestock seemed overwhelming. Eric, with encouragement from his son and business partner Nick Heese, was persistent to keep looking for a viable solution and approached the Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) for guidance. Fortuitously, the Heese’s had just completed an Environmental Farm Plan, which opened up new areas of funding available through the SRRCD in partnership with the Province of Manitoba.Heese Dairy Award Photo at MCDA

The Joubert Creek had already been identified as an area of riparian and water quality concern as a result of the agricultural industry historically present on the creek. With the SRRCD water protection programs and priorities in place, the resulting riparian enhancement project was a win-win situation. The SRRCD was able to gain funding from the Province through the new Growing Assurance funding set aside for Ecological Goods and Services. The Heese project enhanced the riparian area of the Joubert Creek by fencing off two miles of the creek, providing an alternative water source for the livestock on both sides of the creek and improving the Joubert Creek crossing all to reduce erosion, run-off, effluent and compaction thereby directly increasing the health of the Joubert Creek.

The Heese’s are dedicated to the protection of their Joubert Creek. They are truly a community role model in water quality protection and environmental farm management. In recognition of their dedication to the environment, Heese Dairy was awarded the 2014 Conservation District Award.

  • Maintain, protect and restore surface and ground water quality in the Red River Basin
  • Improve stakeholder participation and awareness of land and water resources
  • Increase soil conservation efforts within the Basin
  • Manage urban and agricultural drainage systems to enhance productivity, while minimizing impacts to others


  • Seine-Rat River Conservation District
  • Heese Dairy Farm
  • Manitoba Conservation & Water Stewardship
  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development