You can choose from the list of programs we offer on the left hand side of this page. Programs are open to all residents who live within, or own land within, the Seine-Rat River Conservation District boundaries.
The Joubert Creek


Seine-Rat River Conservation District Programs at a Glance

Water Storage/ Retention 80-100% SRRCD depending on benefit
Riparian Fencing (for stream and river protection) 75% SRRCD up to $4,000
Exclusion Fencing (for dugout protection) 75% SRRCD up to $1,000
Livestock Crossing Improvement 75% SRRCD up to $1,000
Alternative Riparian Watering (for streams and river protection) 75% SRRCD up to $7,500
Alternative Watering (for dugout protection) 50% SRRCD up to $5,000
Rain Garden: individual homes 100% SRRCD up to $500
Rain Graden: schools and public areas 50% SRRCD up to $5,000 for schools
Willow Planting Free willow stock and planting
Understorey Planting Free tree stock and planting
Tree Buffer Establishment 75% SRRCD up to $1,000
Grassed Waterways 75% SRRCD up to $3,000
Bank Erosion Stabilization at board’s discretion
Abandon Well Sealing 100% SRRCD up to $2,000, ($100 refundable deposit required)
Well head remediation and dormant well protection 50% SRRCD up to $1,000