We’re Hiring – Watershed Assistant April 17th, 2019

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Watershed Assistant

Position: Full-time, one-year Term (with possibility of extension)
Location: SRRCD Steinbach office, 154 Friesen Avenue
Hours per week: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm (35 hrs/wk)
Wage: $30,000-40,000 depending on qualifications
Deadline: May 3, 2019
Submit cover letter and resume to: with the subject: Watershed Assistant
 Assist with the implementation of District and Sub-District programs ensuring programming is delivered according to schedule, within budget, and according to SRRCD policies and priorities as directed by the Manager
 Assists with on-site wetland surveys and post processing of survey information
 Provides on-site support to SRRCD staff for project delivery with landowners
 Maintains up-to-date database of projects, equipment, and materials
 Work as a team with SRRCD staff to ensure that all permits, landowner agreements, right of access forms, etc. are obtained prior to commencement or advise the Manger of any reason why this cannot be achieved
 Initiate requests for services for future projects with potential clients
 Assist with project implementation including water retention, riparian enhancement, well sealing, water sampling, tree planting, rain gardens, etc.
 Support data management of all projects and results
 Assist with education, public relations, and workshop events relating to water conservation and environmental stewardship

 Completed degree in Environmental Science or related field and/or experience
 Environment/Agriculture/Social Science/Science background is an asset
 Enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions
 Proficient with Microsoft Office and database management
 Must hold a valid Class 5 driver’s license and access to a vehicle is an asset
 Excellent interpersonal skills, approachable, resourceful, self-motivated, able to work independently, communicate clearly and a passion for conservation an asset
 Background knowledge of the SRRCD program an asset
 Knowledge of the agricultural landscape in Southeast Manitoba an asset
 Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) an asset


SRRCD Watershed Assistant Ad

SRRCD Watershed Assistant Job Description 2019

Well testing days 2019 April 3rd, 2019

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2019 Shelterbelt Programme March 20th, 2019

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Order your Shelterbelt Trees Today!

The Seine-Rat River Conservation District is offering White Spruce and Scots Pine
seedlings for under 51¢ each. Trees must be purchased in bundles of 20 and are
available on a first-come-first-served basis with a limit of 300 trees per household.

To qualify for our Shelterbelt/Tree Planting program all you have to do is:

Pre-order your trees by filling out and returning the application
and invoice forms to the SRRCD ($10.17/bundle of 20 trees,
taxes included)

Pickup and Pay for your trees on May 13th, 2019 at our
Steinbach office (154 Friesen Ave)

Plant your trees and send us a picture

Please fill out both the Application Form and the Invoice and return them to us by email or in person at either of our office locations

Call our office at (204) 425-7877 or email us at to place your order today!

Tree Info

White Spruce

A medium sized native conifer with a narrow, spire like crown. White Spruce can grow up to 25 meters (75 feet) in height. The needles are short (1.5 – 2 centimeters), stiff, sharp, and four-sided. White Spruce will grow in shade or full sunlight and in all types of soil. The White Spruce is Manitoba’s provincial tree.

Scots Pine

The Scots Pine is widely used in North America. Scots Pine can grow up to 30 meters (90 feet) in height. This tree has a large, long, conical trunk which spreads into a broad domed crown. The heavy, short branches grow outwards from the trunk giving the tree a weather beaten look. The needles are 4-8 centimeters long and are in clusters of 2. Scots Pine can grow in a wide variety of soils, however they do best on well-drained clay and loam soils. This tree requires full sunlight.


Project Spotlight: Penner Water Retention Project March 11th, 2019

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The Penner Water Retention Project is an 800-metre-long dyke, located south of Steinbach, Manitoba in the Manning Canal sub-watershed district. It was completed in November 2018 in partnership with Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) and local cattle producer, Marvin Penner. The project was designed to manage surface water runoff, as well as to mitigate downstream flooding of rural homes and agricultural land in the area.

Aerial photo of the Penner water retention project

The dyke was constructed to make use of a low-lying area of wet cattle pasture land. It has a water storage capacity of 17 acre feet with a four to seven day drawdown period. Sub-soil fill material for the dyke was taken on site. The material was excavated to form a ditch alongside the dyke. The 15-metre-wide spillway functions to handle excess surface water flows. It is reinforced with a deep cellular confinement grid and synthetic geotextile matting. The reinforced materials were then anchored securely to the soil below. SRRCD staff assisted with the installation of the cell grid and matting on the spillway. Two (2) 300 mm drawdown culverts were also installed next to the spillway to allow water to be slowly released throughout the drawdown period. Surface soil from the excavation process was placed on the top and sides of the dyke before it was leveled. Mr. Penner plans to seed and install a gated fence on top of the dyke next spring.

SRRCD staff assisting contractors with installation of cell grid and geotextile matting

The SRRCD used LiDAR data to identify potential water retention project sites in the Manning Canal sub-watershed district. Mr. Penner expressed interested in getting involved with the district for the sustainability of his livestock operation. He also completed an Environmental Farm Plan as part of the project agreement. The projects at SRRCD are custom designed in-house by the SRRCD to benefit the unique needs of local producers, communities, and the health of our watershed.

Penner water retention spillway construction