A partnership between the Seine Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) and ALUS Canada, a Weston Family Initiative, the ALUS SRRCD program was launched in July, 2019. The ALUS SRRCD program aims to address important local environmental issues, particularly the protection and enhancement of surface water and groundwater in southeastern Manitoba. ALUS SRRCD is looking for landowner projects with the intent of changing the land’s production to establish and re-establish floodplains, wetlands and water retention areas. “Farm the best, leave the rest.”  Through their ALUS projects, ALUS SRRCD participants will help to produce cleaner water, cleaner air and more biodiversity, including pollinator habitat, for the benefit of everyone in the community. Together, ALUS Canada and the Seine Rat River Conservation District are working towards sustaining agriculture, wildlife and natural space for all residents – one acre at a time.

Paige Englot, ALUS Canada Prairie Hub Manager presents to SRRCD members at an introductory BBQ June 17, 2019


ALUS SRRCD Program Delivery Details

 ALUS SRRCD Program Objective:

Landowner projects with the intent of changing the land’s production to establish and re-establishment of floodplains, wetlands and water retention areas. Farm the best and leave the rest.


ALUS SRRCD Program Payment Details:

Class 1-3 Crop Land ………. Maximum of $100/acre annual payment. Payment value determined by land guidelines along with project ecological and environmental benefits per acre.  $100/acre of establishment costs for seeding.

Class 4 Forage Land ………. $30/acre annual payments and 50% of establishment costs for fencing

Class 5 & up Farm Land … $15/acre annual payments and 100% establishment costs for fencing


ALUS SRRCD Participant Requirements:

Upon approval, all participants are required to remove nutrients and vegetation from the protected areas as weather permits and submit a self-report with pictures to receive full payments, failure to submit a self-report will result in a half payment and failure to complete the project at all will result in no payment.

 Information on ALUS Canada and for Potential  Participants

ALUS FAQ and Participant FAQ INFO Sheet

For more information on ALUS SRRCD program:

Jodi Goerzen  SRRCD Manager & ALUS SRRCD Coordinator or

Joey Pankiw  ALUS SRRCD Assistant Coordinator


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