What We Do

The SRRCD plans and undertakes projects within the Conservation District aimed at the long-term sustainable use and management of land and water resources.

The SRRCD offers programs based on the priorities within each sub-watershed area. A full list of the SRRCD programs can be viewed on the Programs page.

The SRRCD staff organizes and oversees the programs which are proposed by sub-district members and landowners within the Conservation District. SRRCD staff is always willing to discuss potential projects with District residents. All landowners within the SRRCD boundaries have equal opportunity to apply for the SRRCD programs. Program application forms are available at the SRRCD office, or for download from the Programs page.

The SRRCD staff continually search out partnership and external funding opportunities for special projects. External funding for specific projects is a great way to supplement the SRRCD budget and complete more projects.

The SRRCD utilizes Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software to assist with project planning and analysis. The GIS can spatially and graphically display an endless amount of land and human related information, such as aerial photography, land-use, soil type, highways, livestock sites, rivers, drainage channels, etc. There are multiple benefits in having the ability to create customized GIS maps and use them in watershed management planning.