Surface Water Quality

The SRRCD surface water quality assessment program started in May 2002 and finished in October 2004.

The intent of the SRRCD surface water quality assessment program was to obtain baseline water quality data, look at the current status of water quality within the district, identify any trends related to land-use activities, and organize the data within a Geographic Information System (GIS). The SRRCD was successful in meeting these intentions.

The three years of surface water quality data collected will now serve as a useful baseline and indicator that the SRRCD will use and reference over time. The overall highlight of the project was that the water quality results were overall good relative to the Manitoba Water Quality Guidelines. There were no consistently poor water quality problem areas identified, nor were the results surprising. The SRRCD was pleased to undertake this project and received optimistic reviews from district residents and partner organizations who believe strongly that water quality monitoring and planning projects with the intent of improving water quality, are important sustainable resource management issues.

A summary report was compiled by the SRRCD and Water Stewardship – Water Quality branch in early 2005.