Seine River Study

In 2003/2004 the Seine-Rat River Conservation District contracted Dillon Consulting and Aquatic and Environmental Consultants (AEC) Ltd. to conduct a study on the Seine River and its main tributaries. A grant from the Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Initiative covered a large portion of the cost of this study.

The objectives of the Seine River project included the compilation of background data, current river riparian conditions and classifications, fish habitat conditions, water quality data, fish presence, obstructions to fish migration, aerial and ground surveys, and current land use practices data. The initial data collection was followed by the development of a potential project site list and corresponding priority listing. From the list, the SRRCD was able to undertake specific projects in order to assist in protecting water quality and enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. Specific sites where the riparian corridor has become degraded were identified as potential SRRCD project sites. In addition, all the Seine River watershed past information and data collected by Dillon Consultants, particularly the Seine River Diversion, were shared with the SRRCD.

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