Roseau River Watershed: a history of planning

Although the Roseau River Watershed only joined the Seine-Rat River Conservation District in 2013  watershed planning and water management were nothing new to the area. Prior to joining the SRRCD, residents and local government in the Roseau River Watershed had already participated in the creation of several very important resource planning documents including:

The Roseau River Watershed Plan (RRWP) (PDF) and the RRWP Resource Inventory (PDF) were completed in 2007 as a collaborative effort initiated by the formation of the Roseau River International Watershed; an organization that brings together municipal, county and watershed planning bodies (including the SRRCD) on both sides of the Canada/USA border to work together and discuss projects that are going on throughout the Roseau River Basin.


The international status of the Roseau River has also lead to involvement by such organizations as the IJC (International Joint Commission) which commissioned an extensive study into the Roseau River Basin (Canada and USA) in 1975. Links to this report and it’s six appendices are located below:

IJC Report To Governments

Main Report IRREB to IJC

Appendix A: Historical Documents and References

Appendix B: Water Resources

Appendix C: Related Resrouces

Appendix D: Socio-economic Characteristics

Appendix E: Project Investigations

Appendix F: Coordinated Plan Formulation

Several studies have also been conducted exclusively looking at the Canadian portion of the Roseau River Watershed. In July of 1994 Jeff Stepaniuk prepared the Roseau River Stream Condition and Habitat Classification Scheme, (Maps) for the Manitoba Wildlife Federation Inc. This report outlines the conditions found along the main stem of the Roseau River and also provides baseline information on fish species, observed wildlife as well as recreational, cultural and historical values found along the Roseau River.

In 1995 in response to water drainage issues in the Sundown Bog area Dillon Consulting prepared an Engineering Study Investigation of Land Drainage Alternatives in the Sundown Bog area Near Sirko. This document examines the unique water management issues that have arisen in an area that lies on a both a watershed boundary and an international boundary. (see also appendices to the study: SundownBogStudyFigures, SundownBogStudyElev1, SundownBogSTudyElev2)

Roseau River Watershed: a history of water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring also began long before the Roseau River watershed joined the SRRCD. IN the mid 1990s and early 2000s water monitoring efforts were led by SPADA (Stuartburn Piney Agricultural Development Association). These data have become very valuable to the SRRCD as it provides a baseline of water quality conditions in the western and central parts of the watershed that we can compare our current results to.

Roseau River Water Quality Report 1996-1997

Roseau River Water Quality Summary 1996-1998

Roseau River Water Quality 2004-2005

Roseau River Watershed: all about soils

The federal government has also put forth a report detailing the Organic Soils of the Roseau River Watershed in Manitoba

There’s also a lot of good information on the agricultural capacity of soils in the watershed available in Federal Soil and Terrain bulletins published for each municipality; RM of MontcalmMunicipality of Emerson-FranklinRM of Stuartburn, and RM of Piney.