St Malo Lake Stewardship Plan

The RM of De Salaberry has expressed an interest in improving the water quality and reducing the sedimentation of St. Malo Lake.  Many local residents have seen changes in the lake and surrounding area over the last 30 years and feel that there are many sites that need to be cleaned up, restored and improved to ensure that it remains a vibrant and enjoyable recreational destination for the thousands of people who visit the area every year.

The vision for the area is “That St. Malo Lake remains a popular and desirable destination where people can enjoy water-based recreational activities and feel safe with the quality of the water and surrounding environment”.

The purpose of the St. Malo Lake Stewardship Plan is to identify logical and attainable projects and activities that improve water quality, manage water levels, protect and enhance ecosystem health and ensure the integrity of local infrastructure.

The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the RM of De Salaberry, the St Malo Chamber of Commerce, St Malo cottagers, the SRRCD, Manitoba Water Stewardship and the St Malo Wildlife Association.  This site-specific, sub-watershed planning initiative will be completed along-side the Rat River Integrated Watershed Management Plan that the SRRCD, as Water Planning Authority, will be developing over the next two years.

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