Rat River Watershed

“The Rat-Marsh River Watershed is located in southeastern Manitoba. The two main rivers in the watershed are the Rat River and the Marsh River. The Rat River begins in the Sandilands Provincial Forest enar the town of Carrick and flows west and northwest to the downstream confluence with the Red River about three kilometres north of Ste Agathe. The two main tributaries of the Rat River are the Joubert Creek and Sand River. The Marsh River begins approximately fifteen kilometers southeast of Morris and flows north through the Red River Valley joining the Rat River near Ste. Agathe.

The Rat-Marsh River Watershed has a drainage area of approximately 2,180 square kilometres (1,080 square miles) with over 850 kilometres (528 miles) of waterways. The watershed includes land in the municipalities of De Salaberry, Stuartburn, Emerson-Franklin, Morris, Montcalm, Richot, Hanover, La Broquerie, and Piney and has a population of approximatley 10,000 people.” – Rat-Marsh River IWMP