Watershed Planning

Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP)

The SRRCD has been approved as the Water Planning Authority for the Seine River Watershed, the Rat River Watershed and the Roseau River watershed. As a result, the SRRCD has taken on the task to lead the development of the Integrated Watershed Management Plans for all three of these watersheds. The Seine River IWMP was completed in 2009 and the Rat River IWMP in 2014. Development of the Roseau River IWMP is currently underway. IWMPs are planning documents used to identify local watershed priorities, set goals and guide project implementation and development across the watershed. Each IWMP has an life expectancy of 10 years after which the process begins again and a new, revised IWMP is drafted.

Manitoba Water Stewardship is our main partner in the Integrated Watershed Planning initiative for the Seine River, Rat River and Roseau River Watersheds.  The Province, along with other Provincial and Federal government departments provide technical and financial assistance to these plans.

The Watershed Management Planning process meets the requirements identified within the Water Protection Act, and includes a State of the Watershed Report, Watershed Health Report Card, and a Source Water Protection Strategy.  A Watershed Planning Advisory Team (WPAT) comprised of local stakeholder representatives from rural municipalities, cities, academic institutions, agricultural organizations and other groups within the watershed, assists with some of the tasks identified within the planning process. Their main duty is to identify issues, challenges, and opportunities, within the framework of the IWMP.